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Do you have a tattoo from the past that needs some help? If you have an old blob of sunburned skin and ink that once resembled a butterfly or rose, you need a tattoo artist that is an expert in tattoo cover ups. In Phoenix, AZ, Grand Avenue Tattoo is the expert in tattoo cover ups, offering creative and complete solutions to turn your old tattoo into a beautiful new piece of artwork. To begin, come to our tattoo parlor for an initial consultation.

When it comes to tattoos, we all have small details and elements we would like to change—whether you went to a bad artist in the past, chose your imagery poorly, or have the name of a past lover on your skin, a bad tattoo can be a painful reminder of days gone by. Some would say these are mistakes, but we see them as opportunities to find a quality artist and recreate your past artwork. Our tattoo cover ups are not just bandages for a bad tattoo but opportunities to create new artwork you will love.

All of the tattoo artists at Grand Avenue Tattoo can speak from experience when they say bad tattoo decisions happen as a canvas! Many of our artists began their love affair with the art of tattoo at 18, and have never looked back. Whether your first tattoos were impulse decisions or reflect a time in your life that you barely relate to these days, allow that story and time to become something new that you can celebrate for years to come with our wonderful tattoo cover ups.

For perfect tattoo cover ups, custom tattoos, color tattoos, and so much more, please stop by Grand Avenue Tattoo today, or give our friendly team a call. We look forward to working with you at our Phoenix, AZ studios!