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Located in Phoenix, AZ, Grand Avenue Tattoo is the area’s premier tattoo studio. We pride ourselves on collaborating with some of the top local tattoo fanatics and artistic talents. Each one of our resident artists has been chosen carefully for his or her unique style and personal vision, along with a serious commitment and dedication to the art of tattoo as well as his or her professionalism. While tattoo art is fun and relaxed, we take our profession very seriously, meaning you get professional, exceptional results.

What we endeavor to do is separate amateur talent from the real deal, providing our customers with only the best results from our tattoo parlor. We give each and every client the chance to see our artists’ portfolios, selecting the top style and aesthetic for their portrait tattoo, lettering tattoo, custom tattoo, color tattoo, and tattoo cover up jobs. Decide which artist you would like to work with yourself—we hope to see you at our shop soon!

For a clean, safe, friendly environment that satisfies your tattooing needs, where we use brand-new, sterile, single-use needles for every last tattoo, contact Grand Avenue Tattoo of Phoenix, AZ today. We look forward to ensuring you receive a safe, clean tattoo or piercing!